What we Offer?

SAS Cyber Security will provide the market all aspects of Cyber Security through its three primary services

Our Services

  • Penetration Testing

    In depth testing to identify security flaws.

  • Web Vulnerability Assessment

    Accurate scanning to Identify vulnerabilities.

  • Static Code Assessment

    On demand vulnerability analysis to build secure software.

  • Network Vulnerability Scan

    PCI ASV to identify vulnerabilities across your network.

  • Network Penetration Testing

    Expert attack simulation to exploit vulnerabilities.

  • Mobile App Assessment

    Identify the Vulns of iOS, Android and Windows apps.


SAS Cyber Security Company was established by a team of experts in Cyber Security and Penetration Testing, due to the fact that most businesses nowadays depend on the internet and IT systems, while vulnerabilities are in every corner. So, they have to keep their credentials, database and other important information safe and secure from unethical outside or inside attackers, who may cause serious harm and damage to the company and its reputation. At SAS Security, we deal with Cyber Security and Social Engineering, with custom online server configurations for WAF and CDN system service.

  • Approach

    We work in partnership with our clients
    We act as the top management advisors
    We accompany our clients in implementation
    We build our recommendations on solid facts

  • Why SAS?

    Professional and ethical services We succeed where others have failed Client satisfaction is our major objective Experienced and dedicated IT professionals

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